Skyping Veduta

Skyping veduta

huile sur toile, 50×70 cm Prix1500€ + envoi

dans le monde des images

La veduta is this window open to the world, in the background, in the paintings of the Italian Renaissance. Skype is a software for audiovisual communication over the internet. It’s all about the world and the screen. The woman showing her body on the screen is the interlocutor. The partner in the media exchange is the painter seen painting this painting in the control mini-screen at the top right. So, the control screen tells us, if it’s the painter communicating with this superb woman’s trunk, that the whole painting is the screen the painter sees while looking at this woman in front of her window overlooking the rooftops of Paris. But on the control screen, the painting isn’t finished, you can see that very well. The painter is a liar. The figuration, an alibi to show the body of a beautiful naked woman. Moreover, through the window, you can also clearly see a neighbor playing his trumpet to get the woman to turn around! But we caught her before.mme se retourne! Mais nous l’avons saisie avant.